US Transit Authority, LLC approved as Delaware Constable Agency

US Transit Authority, LLC (USTA) received unanimous approval by the Board of Examiners of Constables to become a Constable Agency in the state of Delaware and will be fully operational September 1, 2016.   The Board of Examiner appoints agencies that are determined to be needed to provide aid and relief of public law-enforcement of police agencies and is necessary to protect life and property in the circumstances where public law-enforcement or police agencies are unable to assist.  As a Constable Agency, USTA will hire approved Delaware Constables and provide statewide transportation services for public and private agencies.  “Of most importance, USTA will provide significant relief to state and local law enforcement by assuming responsibility for transporting involuntary mental health commitments”  said Jeff Giovino, USTA President and CEO.  “Delaware Law Enforcement officials, as required by law, transport thousands of individuals that are involuntarily committed to psychiatric hospitals.  These emergency transports, while needed, are time consuming and costly.  We expect that our transportation services will not only compliment Delaware’s mental health system, but also allow police the ability to stay within their jurisdiction and focus on public safety" .


USTA Constables Mission

To provide professional, safe and timely transportation services that promotes the well being of those we transport while providing aid and relief to law-enforcement agencies and health care organizations.